Etiquette Around the World Summer Camp – SOLD OUT

Explore & Discover the World this Summer.

We’ll travel around the world in

6-weeks to discover:

  • Proper Greetings & Language

  • Daily Customs

  • Dining Etiquette & Cuisine

  • Music, Art & Culture

  • Celebrations, Holidays & More

for eight international destinations.

The world is calling! MLSOE Campers will explore Europe, Asia, Africa, and beyond. With its fairytale-like architecture and historic significance, who wouldn’t want to travel here? Double-decker buses, tea parties, cultural festivals, and the world’s finest confections await. Throughout the camp, we will soak in culture and the heritage of cooking traditions and practice. We will also explore traditional childhood games such as Hopscotch and skipping (jump rope). Before we depart, we must stop for pictures at some of the most iconic landmarks. Weekly Boarding Pass will be provided for each camper to assemble their personal travel log. Light snack will be provided daily.