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Fairy Tale Tea Party

Hear ye, hear ye. Calling all Princes, Princesses, and Knights! Join the Monica Lewis School of Etiquette “Fairy Tale Tea Party” for Girls and Boys 4-11!   Drop your little Princes, Princesses, and Knights off for a magical Tea Party Featuring: Cinderella! All of our royalty guests will enjoy: 👑Proper Manners 👑Five Magic Words 👑Tea […]

Etiquette Around the World Summer Camp

Explore & Discover the World this Summer. We’ll travel around the world in 6-weeks to discover: Proper Greetings & Language Daily Customs Dining Etiquette & Cuisine Music, Art & Culture Celebrations, Holidays & More for eight international destinations. The world is calling! MLSOE Campers will explore Europe, Asia, Africa, and beyond. With its fairytale-like architecture […]