Thanksgiving Manners Makeover

Just in time for the holidays…help has arrived.

Get your kids ready for the holidays with our ever-so-popular workshop that offers boys and girls an opportunity to learn about proper social skills during any festivities. During this class, they will learn the importance of being a gracious guest, greeting people, introducing themselves, the importance of thank you notes, proper dinner conversation, and other simple courtesies that will help them shine during the holiday season.


Being a proper guest:

Dressing properly for the occasion and walking in like a lady/gentleman. Greeting adults with smiles and warm greetings. Proper behavior at other homes, how to introduce yourself and others, being respectful to adults and answering questions with more than 1-word answers, how to be a good listener, and making eye contact when in conversation. Paying attention to people and not your devices.

Showing courtesy:

Using “please”& “thank you,” and most importantly “no thank you.” Knowing how to ask for things properly, the importance of expressing gratitude, cleaning up after yourself, opening doors for others, and being respectful of other people’s homes. How to properly write a thank you note in an age of technology.

Dining with style:
How to set a table properly, how to sit properly, use utensils and napkins properly, proper dining conversation, how to handle difficult foods, not complain about food, proper way to eat bread & soup, excuse yourself properly, what to do with your utensils when you are not using them, cleaning up after yourself.


All students receive our HOLIDAY MANNERS PLAYBOOK:

Activities and lessons for students to practice at home. The playbook is filled with everyday etiquette rules, tips, hacks, and guidelines for the entire family.

Boys & Girls Ages 5-16 are encouraged to attend!


Registration is Open…

Fall Holiday Manners Makeover 4 Week Course

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Oct 23 2023 - Nov 13 2023


5:30 pm - 6:30 pm




Monica Lewis School of Etiquette
7026 Old Katy Rd., Ste. 275, Houston, TX 77024


Monica Lewis School of Etiquette