The Monica Lewis School of Etiquette is a premier service that provides top-notch training in all aspects of etiquette, protocol, and manners. With our unique “traveling classroom” approach and innovative styles of teaching; Monica Lewis School of Etiquette seeks to transform the social skills of children, teens, adults, and professionals.

 Etiquette is a part of daily life in both public and private affairs and is not limited to simply knowing the proper placement of flatware or wearing appropriate attire. In fact, understanding etiquette helps to build confidence and promote better interpersonal relationships as one learns how to interact with others in various social and business settings appropriately.

The Monica Lewis School of Etiquette offers a comprehensive selection of interactive programs that include:


Whether you are an individual who enjoys fine dining and entertainment; or a professional who frequently has dinner meetings- having polished table manners will distinguish you from the crowd in business and social arenas worldwide.


children & teen ETIQUETTE

This course will be a great investment for your child’s future! Loaded with hands-on training, interactive lessons, and fun; this program promotes the awareness that proper behavior is necessary to become a highly respectable citizen.


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A little about us…

Life is a balancing act, and that is clearly evident if you spend time with Monica and her five children.  She and Darian not only rule their etiquette empire but they are the parents of five: Darian Jr, Dillon, Mark, Dexter, and Megan.  Darian and Monica have been married since 2003, and they reside in Spring, TX.