Bring The Monica Lewis School of Etiquette’s award-winning programs to your school, group, or scouts.

Beginning March 30, 2020, the MLSOE Virtual Campus will become the primary hub to access our virtual classes.  Each class will be interactive, fast-paced, and jam-packed with useful information and skills to enhance each participant’s daily life.



  1. Contact us to build your schedule at INFO@MLOSE.COM. Choose the number and frequency of your sessions.
  2. We can host classes via Zoom or MS Teams.  You will receive your own link to access our LIVE class.
  3. Check the class schedule for dates and times of the LIVE class(es), all classes are scheduled Central (CT) time zone.
  4. An MLSOE instructor will open access to the live class about 10 minutes early so students can log on, and make sure their system is running smoothly.
  5. If you miss the live class, don’t panic! We will send a link to the recorded class by 6 pm on the same day as the LIVE class. If you don’t receive it, check your spam inbox or email
  6. You & your group will have access to the recorded classes up to 15-days after your initial class start date.
  7. Advance registration is required, please make your we have your correct email.
  8. Students will have access to course materials via the Say Yes To Manners Digital Playbook and classroom.
  9. Please note, you are only allowed access to the classes in your series (A or B); however, if you purchased the 10 class bundle, you have access to all classes.
  10. Group Enrollment is valid for up to 50 students per LIVE class. Instructor-teacher ratio 50:1


Contact us for group pricing, 281-974-6701 INFO@MLSOE.COM

MLSOE is an approved vendor with multiple districts, campuses, and organizations across the country.  No endorsement of the products or services, however, is stated or implied. Say Yes to Manners and MLSOE is a Registered trademark of The Say Yes to Manners is sponsored by
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