NCL Tea Etiquette – Champions Chapter

Attendees will learn:

•    How to sit at the table and where to put your arms!
•    How to hold your cutlery (uh oh!)
•    How to hold your teacup and does it involve your little finger sticking out?
•    Correct stirring technique (yes, there truly is one)
•    Scone/Scon…Cream/Jam dilemmas!
•    How to use your Napkin or Serviette (and which is it?)
•    Tea/Milk first
•    Pouring Tea
•    Order of eating the food
•    How to correctly prepare and eat a Scone
•    Looking after others at the table
•    What to do if you need to leave the table for a few minutes
•    What to do if there’s a pip or gristle in your mouth!


Oct 29 2023


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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