Texas A&M Dining Etiquette – Private

An extensive dining etiquette lesson that takes place during dinner, this course teaches all the skills needed for Western (Continental European and American) table etiquette. From which fork to use during an four- course meal to dining conversation, all major dining topics are covered during this session.

  • Holding silverware and glasses correctly
  • Posture at the dining table
  • General dining manners – from casual to formal
  • Tea, coffee etiquette
  • Napkin etiquette
  • Soup & bread etiquette4
  • Desserts
  • Understanding, ordering, and tasting wine
  • Precedence: Who sits where? Who is served first?
  • Communicating with service staff
  • Gracious hosting and entertaining
  • Tricky foods and how to eat them (shellfish, bones)
  • Cell phone etiquette at the table
  • Cocktail party etiquette
  • Finger foods – when is it okay to not use cutlery?
  • Making a toast


Nov 09 2023


4:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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