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Spring Fling: Manners Makeover Series

The Monica Lewis School of Etiquette Spring Break Manners Makeover series for Boys & Girls Ages 6-13. Learn the Power of Manners & Ethics Develop Leadership & Teamwork Skills Dining Etiquette for Messy Meals Intro to Drama & Dance AND MORE! Don’t miss this 3-day, in-person etiquette camp! Registration is Open Spring Fling 3-Day Camp […]

Manners Makeover Mini-Camp

Presidents’ Day: Manners Makeover Mini-Camp Would you like your child to get helpful lessons in manners and proper etiquette? As much as you try teaching proper manners at home, sometimes children just need to learn these essential lessons from an expert. The Monica Lewis School of Etiquette is here to help! Course Topics Include: Camp […]

A Taste of Charm & Chivalry (5-Week Series)

The Monica Lewis School of Etiquette will transform every student’s social skills, confidence, and civility. Our award-winning lessons and activities are highly interactive, age-based, fast-paced, and fun for all. Let us give your student A Taste of Charm & Chivalry this year. Course topics include: Manners 101 ( The Power of Please, Thank You, and […]

Holiday Manners Makeover Ages 7-15

Holiday Etiquette for Girls and Boys (Ages 7 – 15) Get your kids ready for the holidays with our ever-so-popular workshop that offers boys and girls an opportunity to learn about proper social skills during any festivities. During this class, they will learn the importance of being a gracious guest, greeting people, introducing themselves, the […]

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