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Mini Manners Makeover

Mini Manners Makeover – Monday, February 19, 2024, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM Would you like your child to get helpful lessons in manners and proper etiquette? As much as you try teaching proper manners at home, sometimes children just need to learn these important lessons from an expert. The Monica Lewis School of Etiquette […]

Teen Etiquette Series: Prepared for Life

During this 3-month series, Teens will acquire greater knowledge and skills in the following: Proper Introductions – Learn how to communicate with Emotions are Strong, Opinions Vary, and the Stakes are High. Course for Teens AGES 13-17 Dining Etiquette – Learn proper dining techniques for all occasions place settings, menus, table navigation, and more… Everyday Etiquette […]

Social Etiquette for College Students & Young Adults

For incoming college freshmen and young adults, taking that next step involves more than just leaving home.  Are they prepared for the educational as well as the social challenges? This training is designed to help ease students’ transition between high school and college and/or adulthood.  The focus is to help the student be self-assured, lead […]


This is the Wine Etiquette 101 Wine Course that every beginner should take. It is fun, informative, and lasts only two hours. This is your opportunity to dip a toe into wine and discover the wide array that is available to you as a consumer. In the Monica Lewis School of Etiquette intro to wine […]

Respect is the KEY (Ages 6 – 13)

This will be an interactive class as we discuss the kindness skill of Respect. We will consider ways that we show respect to others and what it means to respect ourselves, the environment, property, and even time. We will discuss about The Golden Rule and empathy as we review the idea of showing that we […]