Social Etiquette for College Students & Young Adults

For incoming college freshmen and young adults, taking that next step involves more than just leaving home.  Are they prepared for the educational as well as the social challenges? This training is designed to help ease students’ transition between high school and college and/or adulthood.  The focus is to help the student be self-assured, lead confidently, and promote the awareness that proper behaviors and respect are important for one’s SUCCESS.

Enjoy a 1-Day Social Etiquette Bootcamp covering the following:

  • Exhibiting Proper Etiquette Behaviors on Campus
  • Positive Interactions with Others
  • Respect & Being Courteous
  • Embracing Diversity
  • Self-Presentation Skills
  • Meeting New People & Networking Strategies
  • Overall Appearance & Appropriate Dress
  • Posture, Body Language, Poise
  • The College/Independent Living Experience
  • Dorm Room/Roommate Etiquette
  • Sharing and Respecting Others Space (The Golden Rule)
  • Classroom Etiquette
  • Creating Healthy Relationship Boundaries and Personal Safety

Location: 7026 Old Katy Rd Suite 275 – Building C, Houston, TX

Investment: $125

*Private and Group Sessions are available*

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Jul 30 2023 - Aug 02 2023


3:30 pm - 7:30 pm

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