Adult Social/ Dining Etiquette

Questions about which fork to use, what to do if you have dropped your napkin, and what role you hold in a “toast” are all legitimate concerns. Monica Lewis School of Etiquette will provide this information and train clients on how to exhibit poise in dining situations, which ultimately adds to an individual’s overall effectiveness when representing an organization.

Whether you are an individual who enjoys fine dining and entertainment or a professional who frequently has dinner meetings, having polished table manners will distinguish you from the crowd in business and social arenas worldwide. 

Topics Include:

  • Breaking B.A.D. In Business Dining
  • Best in Business
  • Business Protocols and Best Practices
  • How to navigate the table, seating, and menu
  • Silverware Savvy
  • Napkin Usage and Placements
  • Table Topics
  • How to enter and exit the table
  • Advanced Dining Styles & Techniques
  • Honorifics & Introductions
  • Tipping & Payment
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