Tea Etiquette

Tea is a fashionable and trendy way to carve out some meaningful time with family, friends, and associates. It provides a refined retreat at which we can connect with others and appreciate some quality time together.
Tea & Etiquette programs incorporate the latest in social and business etiquette with an appreciation of the cultural and historical significance of tea. To further enhance the enjoyment of tea-time, Tea & Etiquette programs include modern manners for children and contemporary etiquette for adults.


We’re so passionate about tea and your tea experience, we acquired an entire tea company!

We’re proud to present The Lewis Tea & Co. which features premium loose-leaf tea sourced from the top 2 percent of  leaves from around the world. Get the best of both worlds with Lewis Tea & Co and The Monica Lewis School of Etiquette.


Topics Include:

  • Tea Service 101
  • Perfect Posture & Tea Techniques
  • Navigating Tea Tiers
  • Basic Table and Tea Etiquette
  • The History of Tea How to Set the Table
  • Napkin Usage and Placement
  • Proper Greetings & Honorifics
  • How to Enter, Exit, and Serve

Additional Course Options & Programs:

  • Fairy Tea & Etiquette
  • Afternoon Tea & Etiquette
  • High Tea & Etiquette
  • Business Etiquette & Tea
  • Mothers & Daughters Tea & Etiquette
  • Father & Son Tea & Etiquette
  • And More...